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To develop long term workforce strategies
by helping them attract, develop and retain talent.
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Attract · Are you creating a pipeline of entry-level talent for each of your positions?

The first step is understanding what your ideal candidate looks like then creating relationships with schools that cultivate that ideal candidate.

Develop · Are you providing relevant training opportunities to your employees?

Once you've hired someone, the key to their success is to create an environment in which they can personally and professionally grow.

Retain · Are you prepared to lose a key player from your organization?

You've invested a lot in your employees, ensure that you have the right programs in place to keep them.

  • Campus Visits

    Emerge represents your company. On select college campuses during career fairs, special events, and classroom presentations; in order to communicate how their education translates into a successful career with your company. We also work to establish and nurture relationships with career services and adjoining faculty, to ensure your company is top of mind.

  • Company Visits

    Emerge facilitates onsite company visits. For prospective applicants. These visits allow applicants to interact with your company’s staff, tour the facility, and get a taste of the culture to aid in bonding and rapport with their future colleagues.

  • Interviews and Offers

    Emerge evaluates your candidates. To help screen out ideal fits. The second round of interviews are performed on site of your company to allow your leadership team to meet and interact with the applicant prior to a potential offer of employment being made.

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