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Emerge works with your team to learn, analyze,
and establish your company culture and how it
correlates to your talent pipeline.
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    A Clear Path
    As companies look to grow and add members to their teams they often have no clear picture or path on how to create and harness a company culture for the future. This is where a trusted partner like Emerge comes in. Emerge works with companies to conduct a Cultural Discovery to learn about and establish a company culture for the future. This process will evaluate the culture of a team, develop a profile of what a future ideal candidate looks like, what can be improved upon, and what is currently being done well within your company’s culture.

    As part of the process
    Emerge will be spending 30 minutes each with individuals from your team to conduct interviews. These interviews will be done anonymously so we encourage honesty to ensure that we receive quality insights from your team to help address any issues a company might have. This allows us to evaluate and establish a company culture and evaluation process for every new candidate and new hire. Emerge will present the commonalities in their findings of their interviews and no individual response will be singled out.

    This evaluation is designed to set companies up to be a successful business and to establish a quality culture as a foundation throughout the employee hiring process.