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  • 10 Step Process

    1. Initial Vision Meeting with Management: A meeting to discuss the cultural discovery goals and core values of the organization as it relates to the culture and environment of the workplace. The discussion will also include the interview process and summary methods.

    2. Management Review: Management reviews demographic data (employee ages, years of experience, etc.) of target group with Emerge as well as a general performance grading for the target group.

    3. Individual Meetings: Emerge completes the individual meetings with team members.

    4. Discovery Results: Emerge communicates the discovery results and demographic analysis with management.

    5. Action Plan – Management: Management and Emerge establish an action plan and communicate it to senior management.

    6. Action Plan – Participants: Communicate action plan with discovery participants as necessary.

    7. 30-Day Follow-Up: Emerge completes a thirty-day follow-up with staff and selected discovery participants.

    8. 60-Day Follow-Up: Emerge completes a sixty-day follow-up.

    9. 90-Day Follow-Up: Emerge completes a ninety-day follow-up.

    10. Summary: Emerge summarizes the permanent changes resulting from the cultural discovery process.