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    To help your company stand out amongst the barrage of recruiters, booths, and enticing offers that entry level talent often face; you need to be ensured that your brand is being represented in the best fashion. Much like the unique talent magnet and process we create for you, your company and its culture is presented to prospective employees in a unique manner.

    · Employee Outings: Emerge helps you coordinate and put on employee outings to help with talent retention.

    · Promo Products: We work with your team to develop branded items that support your brand.

    · Escape Rooms: Emerge facilitates and grades performance in escape room challenges to gauge leadership, teamwork, and other key employee skills.

    · Creative Workshops: Everyone is creative and most of the time they don’t know it or how to unlock it. Emerge works with your team to discover and harness their creative potential and how it correlates to the workplace.

    · Social Media: Is your company being presented on social media in the correct way? The majority of your prospective employees are on these channels and you need to be connecting with them in a way that speaks to their wants and needs. Emerge trains and manages your social media accounts in a way that is catered to your talent pipeline needs.

    · Creative: How is your brand being reflected in print, on the web, or video? When is the last time you had a serious conversation about your brand or logo? Emerge will consult with you and what these solutions look like for your company and how having effective deliverable are key to your entry level talent attraction goals.