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Expand your on-campus reach with branded
recruiting concepts & techniques.
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Benefits of Emerge Engine
  • Branded Recruiting Concept Designed for Consortium Idustry
  • One Interview for Multiple Companies
  • Correlated Assessments to Facilitate Match-Making
  • Video Recorded Interviews to Help Companies Select Candidate
  • Companies Expand On-Campus Reach
Emerge Engine · 9-Step Process
  • Steps 1-3

    1. Culture: Your employees are often the biggest advocates for your company. The way they feel and talk about your company needs to be a consistent message and felt throughout the entire organization. Emerge works with your team to audit and develop key competencies regarding your culture, compensation, benefits, and other aspects surrounding your culture in order to put the best version of your culture forward facing.

    · Company Culture

    · Key Players

    · Hiring needs – (establish role/goal for each position)

    · Industry Standards

    + Compensation

    + Benefits/Perks/PTO

    + Work environment – (flex time, work from home, dress, etc…)

    · Candidate Pool

    + School? Career Service?

    + Major? Faculty?

    + Clubs, organizations, teams

    2. Process: When is the last time your interview process had a review? Do you have an interview process? The team at Emerge works with your leadership to analyze and develop what your interview workflow should look like in order to nurture incoming entry level talent.

    · Establish interview Process

    + Who – Interviewers

    + What – Position needed

    + When – Day interviews will happen

    + Where – Location of interviews

    + How – How many?

    · Timeline

    · Interview Questions

    3. Produce: The way you present your company to prospective employees is a key aspect of attracting talent. Based on your culture, we develop how your company presents itself to the job market through various means including promo items, career fair booth design, and giveaways.

    · Marketing Material

    · Booth Design

    · Giveaways

  • Steps 4-6

    4. Relationship: Emerge works to establish and harness effective relationships with universities, trade schools, and other sources where your future employees are. This ranges from career fairs, class presentations, and working with the career services staff to ensure that your company has a strong presence within their institution.

    · Establish relationship with desired schools

    + Reach out to career services/staff about recruiting on campus

    – Connect with faculty and clubs/orgs of desired students

    · Schedule Events

    + Office visits

    + Class presentations

    + Career fairs

    + Special events

    · Engage Students

    + Follow up

    + Thank you for applying

    + No ghosting

    + Timeline of Interview Process

    5. Interview: Using the customized interview process we develop for you, Emerge acts as your hiring representative to review, qualify, interview, and analyze interviewees based around the position criteria.

    · Review Candidates

    + Basic Qualifications

    + Basic Requirements

    + Social media

    · OCI- 1st

    + Weeding out obvious not fits

    + Relating resume to actual experience

    + Behave/sit questions- who are you

    · OSI- 2nd

    + Can I work with you

    + Can/will you learn

    + Do I see you being successful

    + Core Values

    + Culture fit/culture add

    6. Review/Offer: After the interview stage is complete we review the KPIs gathered throughout the interview process to help filter fits and non-fits. Emerge sends rejection letters to those who didn’t make the cut and generates what a job offer looks like to the ideal employee.

    · Review

    + Collect interview feedback

    + Eliminate Easy No’s- send rejection letters

    + Candidate Review meeting- determine job offers

    · Offer

    + Determine offer information

    – Start Date, Compensation, etc…

    + Verbal Offer

    + Written Offer

  • Steps 7-9

    7. Engage After Offer: After the offer has been made to the candidate Emerge encourages representatives from the company to make a touch point with the offeree. By having multiple touch points with the offeree this allows the offering company additional opportunities to discuss the company, the culture, and advancement opportunities.

    · Others who interviewed reach out

    · Campus team reach

    · Team members

    8. Onboard: Now that the offeree has accepted the offer its time to inundate them with your company, the culture, and other processes to get your new hiree up to speed, introduce them to their workspace, and have them meet their co-workers.

    · HR Processes

    · Work space

    · Equipment/software/supplies

    · Point of Contact

    9. Checkpoints: To establish expectations and accountability with your new hire as well as ensuring that they are acclimated to your company, we establish various checkpoints to help with their success. These checkpoints are meant to make sure that the new hire is set up for success with your company and to tackle any issues before they arise.

    · First Day

    · First Week

    · 30.60.90

    · Annual Review

    + Auto Connect

    + Athlete Connection