Emerge will match this competitive and driven
talent pool with positions at your company.

Benefits of Athlete Connection
  • Branded Recruiting Concept Designed for Consortium Idustry
  • One Interview for Multiple Companies
  • Correlated Assessments to Facilitate Match-Making
  • Video Recorded Interviews to Help Companies Select Candidate
  • Companies Expand On-Campus Reach
  • Athlete Connection

    Far to often are student athletes left without a clear career path after their athletic career is over. Emerge has the tools and connections to reach this competitive and driven talent pool and match them with positions at your company. The various skills they harvest throughout their athletic career translate into the workplace to establish potential leaders in your company. We use results from the various company assessments we perform and use that knowledge to represent multiple companies at once to student athletes. After pouring their heart and soul into their sport, there is no reason they should be left without answers after graduation.