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Emerge works with your team to develop
training on best practices and corporate initiatives.
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    Recruiting/Onboarding Best Practices
    Emerge shares the best recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding practices with the client to ensure a positive candidate and employee experience. Internship development is a beneficial step in the recruiting and hiring process and helps engage the next generation of employees. Their experience, positive or negative, not only affects their engagement but the faculty and students they interact with. However, recruiting and hiring are only half the battle. Are you prepared to make sure training is planned and everything is organized prior to their first day?

    Corporate Initiatives
    Once an employee is hired, the real challenge is making sure you are organized so they are trained and engaged from day one. To get you started, Emerge investigates and creates training materials and facilitation on corporate initiatives. Some of these materials and course creations include handouts, videos or virtual reality. It is important, with the help of these materials, to have consistent, repeatable and ongoing training to ensure your workforce is performing at their best.

    Sales Training
    Sales shouldn’t conjure up thoughts of car salesmen or pyramid schemes. In today’s market salespeople are trusted advisors who have their prospect’s and client’s best interest in mind and are focused on a long term business relationship as opposed to a one-time sale. Emerge will analyze your current processes, diagnose areas for improvement, and implement an action plan to help right the ship.

    Professional and Personal Etiquette
    The education we gain often omits how one should carry themselves in a professional setting. Emerge works with individuals to develop simple yet effective skills for success in any professional environment.